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  • Bakery POS System

  • A Fresh Solution that will Help your Revenue Rise

    Eats365 brings together all aspects of your business to craft the perfect recipe for success. Our easy-to-use platform simplifies your operations and aids you with back-office work so that you can focus on baking up a storm.

  • Run your Bakery Smoothly with our POS

    The Eats365 bakery POS is designed to take as much of the workload off you as possible so you have time to concentrate on your passion 

    Comprehensive POS Customisation

    Use our bakery POS system to customize your menu keys and separate items into their own Categories and Types for a smoother interface. Offer your customers the best experience possible by creating membership programs, discounts and by accepting several different forms of payment. Now you can truly make your bakery POS work for you.

    Useful Sales and Reporting Data

    Benefit from a specialized POS system for bakery businesses. our system’s comprehensive sales and analytical reports that grant you access to key business and accounting data. You'll be able to keep track of best sellers, customer buying habits, analytical data, BI reports, accounting information and more, right at your fingertips.
    Keep your Business Running through Thick and Thin

    Keep your business running even when you are not online as sales data is recorded and then uploaded when your business is back online. Make your life easier as our bakery POS system requires no on-site server to run. Maintenance, installation and future upgrades are now a breeze.