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  • Food Truck POS System

  • Keep Your Business Truckin’ Through Thick and Thin

    Running a mobile business is no easy feat. Luckily, Eats365 has designed a food truck POS system that enables your business to keep running smoothly, even in tough situations. Our iPad-based solution can be charged using power banks in case of power shortages, and all transaction data will be saved even without active WiFi. You can now rest easy and focus on serving delicious grub to hungry customers.

  • Take the Driver’s Seat with our POS

    Ensure you can run your business smoothly and easily with our food truck POS’ rich retinue of features and functions. Unlike other food truck POS systems, We give you full control and flexibility to make your POS your own.

    Full POS Customization

    Have the freedom to customize your food truck POS menu buttons, add combos and modifiers, organize items by type and category, add discounts, set up tender amounts, membership programs and more.  
    Boosted Mobility

    Given that your business is always on the move, our food truck POS system will continue to function even without an active WiFi connection. When you are able to gain network again, all data will automatically be uploaded and saved. Further benefit from easy set up as our POS does not require an on-site server to operate. This makes maintenance, installation and future upgrades easy.

    Customer Relationship Management and Analytics

    Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, so we’ve added features to benefit them. Our food truck POS comes packaged with deep Customer Relationship Management tools, member creation, multiple payment options, multilingual settings, customizable receipt options and more. We also go beyond what other food truck pos systems offer and include analytics and accounting tools so you can keep track of best sellers, customer buying habits, profits and more.