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    While the latest technology efficiently takes care of payments, it quietly updates stock records, client files, stylist records, prepares reports and streamlines end-of-day balancing.

    Point of sale is linked in though the appointment book or can be used completely on its own. Selling products is a breeze.

    We also cater for walk in sales, deposit, pre-paid services, reward points, accounts, credit card surcharges, gift voucher sales, redemptions and tracking, staff purchase, up to 4 tiered price levels, split payments, split staff and much much more.

    Most of our client have found introducing Hairware’s point of sale has increased the salons turnover and reduced the “guilt discount” or staff under-charging.



    Hairware and Beautyware is the only salon management software that offers a financial engine-room with functions designed to save you hours on the tedious but critical paperwork. Some of the functions you will be able to perform are:

    • Multi accounts cashbook with reporting and profit and loss.
    • Wages including payslips, group certificates & detailed reporting.
    • Time clock where staff can clock on and off, then generate reports or transfer the hours to wages.
    • Petty cash.
    • Open till, so you can track who opens the till without a sale transaction.
    • GST management, calculation and printing within seconds.
    • Gift voucher registry, sales, redemptions and tracking.
    • Financial management.
    • Salon targets.

    Like the rest of Hairware Beautyware, our wages section is easy to use. It automatically calculates the right amount of tax, superannuation, bonuses, overtime and loading rates. Holiday pays are calculated within seconds. You will be able to print the staff payslips, which will breakdown the entire pay including year to date, accumulated leave hours, and superannuation.

    Group certificates – simply print the end of year group certificate see the sample. There are over 10 wages reports!


    Hairware Beautyware has a comprehensive range of reports with over 100 reports to choose from. Our salon software automatically collates sales information in the format that you choose. Reports and graphs ranging from total summary, productivity, profit and loss, end of day plus much more. Know the state of your business anytime you choose: it’s all at your finger tips!

    Our productivity reports allows you to see how productive your staff are based on their complete cost not just their wage, such as workers comp insurance, holiday loading, superannuation, allowances, etc. The report also looks at how many hours your staff has worked vs rostered hours, retail sales profit and average sale price of each service. Salon expenses can also be taken into account.

    Sales comparison compares the past three years of service sales, retail sales and total sales and compares month by month. It will also compare new, walk-in and existing clients for the past three years. The report graphs all of the information so you can easily see how your business is going.

    Track, examine, plan, then take the rest of the day off.


    Let Hairware Beautyware manage stock automatically. From the day you start using the Hairware system you can rest assured. Your stock will be accurately maintained at the level you require. Enjoy the security of knowing that the retail shelves are being looked after as well as your professional stock. Set up your product list easily. Each retail product can have up to four price levels. You can sell the one product at four different prices. This setup is ideal for those special clients, family and friends or for your platinum, or gold and silver VIP Clients.

    Simply select the the supplier and Hairware Beautyware will create the order. You have then the ability to override the order, change prices if the supplier has a special, change the levels or remove the product from the order. No more manual stock ordering!

    Don’t waste money anymore – create orders and work within your budget. Best of all there no need to scan the order once it arrive, simply accept the order and your stock levels will be updated.

    Check out the stock reports! There are plenty of stock reports to choose from stock take reports to retail sale.


    Build your business with our “Auto Marketing”. A set once SMS and email marketing business building tool. Simply create (or select from one of our templates) and Hairware Beautyware does all the work. Hairware Beautyware will automatically send an SMS or email to thank new clients for visiting your salon, a reminder or promotion for clients who haven’t returned, a thank you for referring a client or  a ”Happy Birthday“ SMS or email. Hairware makes it so easy.

    Our CRM (Customer Relation Manager) allows you to select and market to your clients with thousands of combinations to choose from. Promote to a certain age group, or clients that have never had a service or both. Or simply make your own selection from our easy selection process. Then choose to send a personalised SMS, email or letter. With our Mailchimp integration sending amazing professional emails is a breeze.


    Easily create, change and update your services and accept deposits. Create packages and Hairware Beautyware will track them from sale to full usage. You also have the option to set four levels of loyalty pricing. ‘From’ prices no longer slip by unnoticed. Print price list and lots of other report and graphs. See what produces more or least revenue for your salon. Track your staff performance: see each staff members average selling price, compare operators against each other and breakdown the load of work the salon and individuals have done within any selected dates.


    Keep your client details safe and up to date. Our client cards track it all: contact details, dollars spent, service history and product history, service notes, private notes, VIP members, number of visits and average days between visits. It also has a client photo gallery, a list of previous operators, a hair texture and analysis, allergies and even how the client likes their tea or coffee. And of course, the clients history can be printed to a docket or laser printer. No more forgetting to fill in client cards, simply print a list of all clients that have not had their service history updated!

    Card accuracy reports can show how accurate your client cards are based on your criteria. See what clients have incomplete information. They will be flagged with an “i”, letting you know more information is needed. An accurate database helps you build your prospective marketing database.

    You can also download our client apps which make it even easier for you to keep your clients details up to date.