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  • Night Club POS System

  • True Reliability Night After Night

    Staying well-organized in a loud, dimly-lit environment can be very tricky. Luckily, Eats365 offers a nightclub POS system that is easy-to-use and is extremely reliable. Rich, and feature-packed, our nightclub POS will keep running and help you stay organized, even during the wildest of nights.

  • Excel on Even the Wildest Nights with our Nightclub POS

    Our easy-to-use nightclub POS system helps to simplify the way you run your night club business, while also improving functionality and efficiency. 

    Customize Your Experience

    Go beyond average nightclub POS systems and  make your POS work the way you want. Start by customizing your menu keys, adding modifiers, creating discounts, separating items by type and category and more. Then enjoy the freedom of switching between languages for greater flexibility while also benefiting from multiple payment options. 
    Deep Customer Relationship Management Options

    Unlike other nightclub POS systems, our solution also allows you to add customers as members so you can keep track of their favourite drinks, purchasing habits, special requests and more. This ensures your VIP customers always get the exclusive treatment they deserve 

    Always Keep the Party Going

    Finally, your business will be able to run through thick and thin thanks to the fact that our nightclub POS system works even when there is no active internet connection. In addition, our POS requires no on-site server to operate, which not only saves space but also ensures that updates, installation and maintenance is easy.