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  • Table Service

  • Serving Up the Tools for Success

    Offer up the best dining experience to your customers by letting Eats365 infuse a blend of added convenience, functionality and flexibility to your business. Let our platform benefit your staff all the way from waiters to expediters so that your restaurant's table service reaches its full potential.

  • Increase Table Turnover with our POS

    Improve your restaurant table service experience with the large array of features our easy-to-use POS has to offer. 

    Greater Customizability, Greater Quality

    Boost your restaurant table service experience by creating a custom layout of your restaurant with table setting options. Up the quality of table service by easily setting up customizable menu keys, modifiers, combos, categories, types and coursing options. In addition, you can allow your wait staff to split, merge and edit bills with just a few screen taps. 

    Better Customer Experiences and Analytics

    Reach the highest standards and enhance customer experience with flexible payment options, membership programs and discounts. In addition, our POS system also allows you to keep track of important sales data, accounting information, analytics and customer information. 
    Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

    Enjoy the benefits of an offline mode that lets your business keep running even without any internet connection. Further enjoy the perks of no on-site server, making maintenance, installation, setup and future upgrades much easier.